Multiculturalism/Anti-Racism Policy

WAYS recognizes the variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds represented in London and the surrounding communities, and further, that regardless of culture or ethnicity, any young person has an equal right to access services provided by WAYS. In this regard, WAYS supports and upholds the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.

The WAYS Multiculturalism/Anti-Racism policy ensures that:

  • Young people of all cultural and racial backgrounds within our catchment area have equal opportunity to access the services of WAYS.
  • Individuals of diverse cultural and racial heritage are encouraged to apply to be members of the Board of Directors and participate in any of its committees.
  • Racism is not tolerated in employee relations, treatment of clients and/or Board relations.
  • WAYS acknowledges and values the diversity of cultures in our community and believes that our varied cultural backgrounds are a source of enrichment and strength.
  • Services provided by WAYS will continue to be sensitive to cultural values and traditions.
  • The WAYS policies, programs and appointments will continue to reflect the content and spirit of this policy.
  • WAYS reflects the intent of this policy in its hiring practices and in its appointments to the Board, its committees and similar groups.
  • WAYS will examine existing policies and design future policies to ensure they reflect the principles of accessible, sensitive services.
  • WAYS will promote greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of our cultural diversity throughout the agency.
  • WAYS is committed to actively seeking out the ideas, views and concerns of our community.