Community Partners

The mission of providing unwavering support for high-needs children, youth and families through personalized mental health services takes many partners and relationships. WAYS has a long history of local, provincial and national partnerships, memberships and affiliations.

WAYS enters into formal service partnership agreements and educational partnerships. WAYS also proudly enters in a variety of Memberships and Affiliations. See our partnerships below.

WAYS partners and collaborates with many community organizations in a variety of ways. Where there is ongoing programming and a written agreement, we have developed a number of formal partnerships:

Children’s Aid Society of London Middlesex

WAYS and the Children’s Aid Society of London Middlesex have a formal agreement for two residential programs, both of which are co-located at Belton House: Belton House Maturational Program and  Belton House Receiving Program. These group-based residential programs are available to clients of the Children’s Aid Society of London Middlesex.

Vanier Children’s Services  and Craigwood Youth Services 

WAYS, Vanier and Craigwood have a long-standing formal agreement for the operation of the Crisis and Intake Team (C-IT). C-IT provides children, youth and families with the help they need, when they need it. Crisis support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. C-IT is also the point of access for non-residential referrals to WAYS, Craigwood and Vanier. The Quick Response (QR) program is a newer service offered that intervenes quickly with families in an effort to stabilize crises and divert children and youth from entering the care of the Children’s Aid Society. (See our Community Programs).

Community Services Coordination Network (CSCN)

WAYS works closely as a partner with CSCN and other service providers to facilitate a single point of access to residential services in the London and surrounding area. Among its wide range of services CSCN also facilitates the local resolution process in order to plan for and meet the unique needs of children, youth and families in the community.

Vanier Children’s Services – Family Bridges Program 

WAYS partners with Vanier Children’s Services to provide intensive, specialized foster care for children and youth who require long-term treatment in a foster family setting. This is a fee-for-service program.

Thames Valley District School Board – WD Sutton School 

WAYS has a formal agreement with the Thames Valley District School Board to provide a supportive and nurturing classroom environment for youth at 3 of our residential facilities. WAYS clients who are participating in residential services and in London Community Programs can access these WD Sutton School classrooms.

Middlesex- London Health Unit

WAYS partners with the Middlesex-London Health Unit for the Healthy Cooking Food Skills Program to teach youth food literacy and cooking skills through the preparation of healthy meals that can be shared by all members of the group home environment (residents, staff, students, volunteers, guests).

WAYS Fee-for-Service Programs

All of the fee-for-service programs offered by WAYS represent partnership agreements between WAYS and a Children’s Aid Society. This includes both Enhanced Foster Care and Residential Programs.

WAYS offers student placements for students in a variety of educational programs. Student placements provide practical, focused learning opportunities with supervision by our professional staff. Student placements involve a formal written agreement between WAYS and the educational program, and an individualized learning contract with the student. Our most frequent educational partners include:

Fanshawe College, Child and Youth Worker Program and St. Clair College Child and Youth Care Program.

From time to time, we have students on placement from other community colleges and from Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Social Work and the Art Therapy Institute of Toronto.

If you are interested in a student placement with WAYS, please contact your academic institution. Or, you can contact us.