Krista Sepp Award

The Krista Sepp Memorial Award was established in 1991 by Kinark Child and Family Services in memory of Krista Sepp, a Kinark child and youth worker who lost her life on February 3, 1989 while performing her duties as a child and youth counsellor.

Each year, Kinark recognizes child and youth counsellors who have made an exemplary contribution to the field in Ontario through two awards: the Horizon Award recognizing direct service staff with up to five years’ experience and the Mentoring Award for those with more than five years’ experience.

At WAYS, child and youth counsellors/workers play a vital role in the delivery of many programs that help young people and their families deal with complex problems. WAYS participates annually in the Krista Sepp Award at an agency level and provincially.

2017 WAYS Krista Sepp Award Winners

Mentor Award – Christine Jarry

Krista Sepp Horizon Award – Taija Quackenbush

Cherie Rose
Marta Michalik
Toni Quinn

2016 WAYS Krista Sepp Award Winners

Mentor Award – Natalie Beaulieu

Krista Sepp Horizon Award – Jessica Korolenchuk

Cristina Oliveira
Jean Geiber

2015 WAYS Krista Sepp Award Winners

Mentor Award – Julie Watson

Krista Sepp Horizon Award – Jordan McCormick

Christina Wilson
Jennifer DeMelo
John Gibbons
Kim Caulfield
Michael Lethaby

2014 WAYS Krista Sepp Award Winners

Mentor Award – Danielle Gardiner

Krista Sepp Horizon Award – Rose Emms

Dawn Bailey
Sarah Charboneau