Becky’s Story


As far as my heart can take me

I have been involved with CAS all my life. I was living in a foster home when I was told I was being moved to WAYS. When I entered, it looked like a normal home. I was so confused about it. The staff made me feel like I was home. They made sure I was comfortable and felt safe. Normally when a kid goes to a group home they think ‘I can’t wait to leave’. I thought, ‘I don’t want to leave’. This is my home. I became really close to all the staff and some of the other residents living there. It felt like I was there for years because of everything I had accomplished.

In my final year of school the staff introduced a word to me that I had never thought about before, “college”. This word came to me as a shocker. I had never thought of going to college. I got told I wasn’t smart enough for it. They told me I can make it as far as my heart can take me. I received 3 scholarships from CAS, WAYS and one which paid for all of my books. I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for the staff telling me I can do it and not to give up. They would not let me fail, even though I wanted to a few times. They told me I can do it.