Jake’s Story


Finding a positive and musical path

Jake was rebellious and frequently hostile toward adults when he was referred to WAYS. He was involved with the law and struggled with some serious addiction issues. He was not getting along with his parents and he had suffered a number of significant losses in his life. School was also a struggle. His parents were frustrated and finally gave him an ultimatum: make better choices or move out. Fortunately, he agreed to engage in services with a WAYS Community Support Worker. Once a positive rapport and connection was developed, it was clear this was a young man who needed guidance and self esteem building. Jake loved music and showed a lot of talent, a strength that Jake’s worker encouraged him to build upon.

With positive support and encouragement, things turned around for Jake. His relationship with his parent improved. He finished high school, then registered for college and majored in music. The goal he set for himself was to become a music teacher and provide instruction and inspiration to troubled youth. He planned to become an advocate for youth who faced similar challenges. When Jake contacted his former Community Support Worker recently, he shared the news that he will be graduating from college very soon. He offered his appreciation for the unconditional and consistent support from WAYS that set him on a positive path in life.