The Britown Music Story


Composing confidence, Britown brings music to WAYS

People often turn to music to lift their spirits and we now know there is research to back up the benefits of listening to and playing music. Music helps to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, improve cognitive performance and elevate mood. When Brian Nelles of Britown Music contacted WAYS and offered to create a music program for our youth in residence, we jumped at the opportunity. There were challenges along the way. Some youth did not believe in themselves enough to trust they could actually learn to make music. Attendance at lessons was a challenge at times. Some youth could engage and focus easily in music lessons on a good day, but really struggled at other times when emotions ran high.

Britown Music made adjustments to take into account the needs and reality of the WAYS youth. Knowing their unpredictable nature, Britown Music adapted their usual policies so the WAYS youth could take part. They brought the lessons to the residence for those youth who could not manage to get to the studio. Brian made sure the music program was tailored to the individual needs and interests of each young person and set goals with them that could be reached successfully. The instructors became more than just music teachers. Some youth wrote and performed original pieces, others captured their success through recordings. The single most frequent response to the program was the visible growth in confidence and self-esteem. We often heard “I did that! I was awesome!” as the youth celebrated their successes. Britown Music believes in the WAYS mission and is looking forward to expanding a program which we believe will have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of youth.

Through generous donations WAYS was able to purchase drums, guitars and electric pianos for each of the residential program sites, enhancing the interest and the participation of the youth in the music program.

If you would like to support the music program, or WAYS in general, please contact us.