Youth Justice Program


WAYS provides a Youth Justice program that offers a caring and supportive environment for young women who are in conflict with the law. Our program builds on the youth’s strengths, and individualized plans are designed to help them make positive choices and productive contributions to their community.

Open Detention and Open Custody

Adelaide Youth Centre

This is an 8-bed, open detention and open custody facility located in London, for female youth aged 12 to 18. It is the central point of intake for detention for youth from 8 counties in Southwestern Ontario. Open detention and open custody orders are made by a judge and vary in length and are served in a supportive and rehabilitative environment, designed to utilize effective programming which protects the community. The young women served have many of the same issues as clients in other Residential Programs at WAYS including trauma, mental health difficulties and behavioural problems.

This Service Offers:

  • A supportive, trauma-informed, strength-based program in an environment that teaches and models responsible behaviour
  • Access to a WD Sutton classroom to provide individualized educational programs to students
  • Individualized goals for each youth to help build self-awareness, life skills and knowledge based on their needs and preferences
  • Reintegration services to ensure youth experience a smooth transition back to their home community. This may include connecting to resources and ensuring that basic needs are met upon release, such as obtaining identification, housing, schooling, employment and job skills
  • Community support for youth in their home communities to aid with making connections to local resources, ensuring successful reintegration, continuing life skills programming and supporting the youth in achieving their goals. This service is available to youth who were previously residing at Adelaide Youth Centre in open detention status