YETeam Poetry Slam

WAYS Youth Empowerment Team (YET) recently held a workshop with local Spoken Word Artist, Holly Painter. Working together, the youth were guided through exercises to help them share their stories through poetry and spoken word.  Holly encouraged them to “Share the Love,” and “Find your Voice. “  It wasn’t long before both of these were happening in the room.

The goal of the evening was to learn first-hand from the youth what programs and services they want and need from WAYS. How they prefer to access services and what they hope to gain from their time working with WAYS.  19 youth participated and created some very powerful poetry pieces; with six youth confidently participating in a mini poetry slam. #findyourvoice

A huge thank you to our sponsors for the evening: Byron Pizza and The Original Cakerie for providing the “fuel” needed to get the creative energy flowing and to Merrymount Children’s Centre for lending us the space to create.  #sharethelove

Our gratitude to Holly for sharing her talent and passion with us and for helping to bring together the collective voice of each WAYS youth in this collaborative piece we share with you here:


You might just see flesh and bones,
but not many of you know my story.

I listen to this beat,
find myself thinking about home again
but I realize I’m alone again.
I feel lost at times.
Wondering, where am I?
Will I ever find home?

Every path may alter.
Picking back up and starting over,
every day opportunity,
never give up.

I feel the joy when I see growth,
pride fills my heart,
my home is like an open door
a place I feel I have a voice,
acceptance, choice.

The shell has broke.
I am becoming better than my past self,
filled with hope.

Thank you and congratulations to the Youth Empowerment Team on the success of this event!

To learn more about YET visit us at YETeam